MaZui – Zinneke – Delphine Mathy

Interior visit: MaZui

Zinneke Parade’s house

For a long time, Zinneke – known from its biennial Zinneke Parade – had no permanent abode in Brussels and lived a nomadic existence. In 2013 they were finally able to take up residence in the former Tax Stamp Printing Houses located in the Masui district.

Thanks to financial support from the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund), a call for projects by the Brussels-Capital Region and Europe has allowed to start the renovation of the building in 2018 under the direction of Ouest architecture and Rotor. Since then, MaZui has been the hub of the Zinneke Parade and the place is also available to other Brussels artists and associations. The premises house large multifunctional spaces, a metal workshop and a recycling centre with 800m ² salvaged materials (Stock MatOs).

The renovation of the production centre is a model of innovation and sustainability and has been fully implemented according to circular economy principles. The project won the ‘Coup de cœur du jury’ award at the Trophées Bâtiments Circulaires 2023 (France).

Since its foundation, the non-profit organisation Zinneke, a Brussels initiative, has been committed to promoting cultural diversity and artistic expression within the community. As a platform for artistic cooperation, Zinneke makes a substantial contribution to cultural life in Brussels.

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