Art studio and house Arthur Rogiers

Architect Paul Hamesse, Paul Hankar’s trainee, designed this studio town house for painter Arthur Rogiers in 1898. The white brick façade including decorative elements in red brick is characteristic of the geometric Art Nouveau, although the ornamental ironwork of the cellar window and the frame of the letterbox still show the elegant swirling lines from the style’s early period. The cantilevered bay window above the front door serves as a support for a balcony that can be accessed through the right side of the large window on the first floor, behind which was the painter’s studio. In 1908, painter and writer Jules Potvin took up residence in the building.

The house was restored in an exemplary manner by its new owners, making the most of the existing spaces without affecting the original layout. The house is also a place where young video artists are given the opportunity to show their projects to an audience.

Practical information:

Keizer Karelstraat 103 Rue Charles Quint – 1000 Brussels

Group : max 12 pers (max. 1 group simultaneously)

Duration : 1h00

Price entrance fee + guided tour :

  • 250 € / group (Monday – Friday – office hours) – 260 € / group (Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)


every day on demand