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Victor Horta’s kindergarten and the lost Maison du Peuple (House of the People)- Horta Inside-Out 2018

The kindergarten for about 200 children is completed in the Marollen neighbourhood in 1900.

The rooms are organized around a central playground, covered by a vaulted roof of glass and metal.

According to Fröbel’s pedagogy the playground is crucial for the development of the child.

In the same neighbourhood and period, Horta designs an Art Nouveau palace for the working man, with plenty of light, air and luxury. Unfortunately, and against huge protest, the Maison du Peuple is sloped in 1965/66.


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The Temple of the Human Passions and the Wolfers Interior- Horta Inside-Out 2018

The exhibition halls of the Cinquantenaire palace are opened in 1880 to promote Belgian arts and crafts.

Close to the large building, avant-garde architects design smaller pavilions – among them the Temple of the Human Passions.

The small building, singular in its kind, can be read as the ‘built story’ of how Victor Horta hid Jef Lambeaux’s relief of the human passions from indiscrete eyes.

We also visit the shop interior that Horta designed for goldsmith and jeweller Wolfers.

Meeting point: The Cinquantenaire Museum, Park du Cinquantenaire 10, 1000 Brussels, at the main entrance.


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Shopping in Transparency : the stores for Wolfers and Waucquez- Horta Inside-Out 2018

Victor Horta designs the store for textile dealer Waucquez as a promotion and distribution space.

The roof, almost entirely made of glass, and the central light shaft spread the daylight through the entire building, thus emphasizing the texture and colour of the fabrics.

Not far from Waucquez, Horta designs a jewelry store for the Wolfers family, including studios and office spaces.


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Horta’s Urban Masterplan : Municipal Development Ltd – Horta Inside-Out 2018

Victor Horta’s original plans for the modern, utopian city that is supposed to rise above the North-South Junction are changed again and again, and are never entirely realised.

Those parts that come into being are, among others, the Palais des Beaux-Arts and the Central Station, both designed by Victor Horta, as well as the Ravenstein Gallery between them and the refurbishment of the Mont des Arts with the Royal Library.

Meeting point: Warandepark, Paleizenplein, 1000 Brussels, at the entrance across from the Royal Palace


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A city for the arts : the Palais des Beaux-Arts – Horta Inside-Out 2018

The Palais des Beaux-Arts is inaugurated in 1929 as part of Horta’s urban projects for the Mont des Arts.

Through his design, the architect creates a connection between the upper and the lower city.

The ingenious structure of the various spaces and the penetration of light in the exhibition halls reflect the skills of the master architect, as do the impressive Henry Le Boeuf concert hall and the Royal Lounge.


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