• Wanneer: zaterdag 24 maart 2018, 13:30
  • Waar: Rue Saint-Ghislain 40 1000 Brussel, België
  • Gids: Alexander Vander Stichele
  • Duur: 2 hours
  • Prijs: €14
  • Code: 003A

The kindergarten for about 200 children is completed in the Marollen neighbourhood in 1900.

The rooms are organized around a central playground, covered by a vaulted roof of glass and metal.

According to Fröbel’s pedagogy the playground is crucial for the development of the child.

In the same neighbourhood and period, Horta designs an Art Nouveau palace for the working man, with plenty of light, air and luxury. Unfortunately, and against huge protest, the Maison du Peuple is sloped in 1965/66.