• Wanneer: dinsdag 11 juli 2017, 14:30
  • Waar: Grote Markt, Brussel, België
  • Gids: Olaf Winkler
  • Duur: 1.30 uur
  • Prijs: gratis
  • Code: nvt

The lower city used to be the beating heart of the economy. The quays and docks of the port of Brussels were abuzz with activity.

This neighbourhood was organically entangled with alleys and worker’s quarters. The tide turned several times. Worker’s quarters became 19th century apartments, warehouses and factories, who in turn, also deteriorated eventually.

At the present time, warehouses and factories provide a welcome new place for fashion, art and design galleries

A guided walk as part of ‘Vlaanderen Feest, Brussel Danst’ the celebration of Flanders Day.

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